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"She is the most knowledgeable person I know about skin care."

“Christina has been caring for my face for over four years and I have never looked better. In the beginning, I came to her with a severe case of acne and rosacea. She was very upfront with me about the necessary treatment and asked me to trust her. Well am I glad I did! She is the most knowledgeable person I know about skin care. She does extensive research and is the best at what she does. If you are serious about healthy, good looking skin, Christina is the only person in San Diego to go see.” ‒Holly, San Diego, CA


Age Management


"I started with Christina, 17 years ago, when I was 40 and I don't feel I have aged at all."

"In some ways, my skin gets healthier the longer I am with her.” ‒Leeann, San Diego, CA


Sensitive Skin


‘Now that we have everything dialed in, I can't believe the dramatic improvements I've experienced in my skin's hydration, clarity and texture.”

“I have sensitive skin and over the years, I have tried countless product lines with little success. Nothing seemed to work well for me or deliver the results promised.


When I began seeing Christina Wilson at Awaken Your Sink, I had been using Proactiv to control mild adult acne; consequently, my skin was severely dehydrated, didn't function properly and made me look older. I have been an Awaken Your Skin client for 4 years. Although it took us a little while to find the best products and treatments for my sensitive skin, I can honestly say that Christina is AMAZING! I believe her knowledge and healing abilities are unparalleled.


My skin has a healthy, youthful glow, which earns me compliments, especially when people discover I'm in my late forties. I also love the products because they are extremely effective and don't' contain petrochemicals.

If you want to look your best, AWAKEN YOUR SKIN!” ‒Colleen, San Diego, CA


Product Support


"I get product support from a distance."

“I was a client of Christina's from the beginning and then I moved to San Francisco. I spent 5 years in the city trying to find someone who practiced like her. Every time I would try their products, my skin would be unhappy and I would go back to what Christina had recommend for my skin. After 5 years, I broke down and came to see her again to get new products. I try to see her when I am in town for a visit. She is the BEST!!” ‒Suzanne, San Francisco, CA


“I love how simple and direct my routine is to do every day."

"Before meeting Christina, I had this very complicated process, which was very time consuming. After switching to her recommendation, it was amazing to me how soft and even my skin got.” ‒Anonymous, San Diego, CA


“Christina has been working with me, helping me find products that will bring my skin back to its golden state. She took the time to really evaluate all aspects of my skin's health. Her bedside manner is great, and she didn’t dumb it down as she explained her methodology. It's been about 9 months and my skin is healthier than ever due to her guidance. She doesn't abuse the skin with harsh chemicals. She nurtures its most natural functions.” ‒Taylor, San Diego, CA


“I could see a big difference in my skin after the short cleaning and moisturizing that I got in my consultation.”

“Christina Wilson came highly recommended from a friend with beautiful skin so I decided to check out Awaken Your Skin myself.


The Location: It's easy to get off street parking, but beware...there is no sign on the door or building, so don't be concerned if you think you went to the wrong place! Just use the address and if you are facing the gate, look to your right and you'll see a door just before the gate. That is hers...knock and you'll be brought into her salon, which is a quiet, comfortable space.


The Experience: I've never had a facial or skin consultation before, so it was very enlightening. I do know when someone knows their stuff and it's clear Christina does. She gave me a relaxing mini-facial/cleaning (so relaxing!) so that she could look at my skin. She checked it for a variety of things–oily/dry, thickness, sun damage, etc. Then she shared her evaluation with me. I learned that I was doing some things wrong, so it's good that I learned now so that I can correct it.


Christina suggests products to correct your skin issues, but does not push you to purchase anything. Instead, she sends you home with samples to try so that you and she can be sure they will work for you. She also tells you what it might be like during the correction process (where my skin will recover from years of putting too much oil on it...I had no idea that the oil was protecting my face but not allowing in any moisture/hydration!).


The Results: I could see a big difference in my skin after the short cleaning and moisturizing that I got in my consultation. When I go back for my facial, I bet it will be even better! The products she sent me home with are already doing their magic. My skin has felt dry and tight ever since I moved to the west coast—like it's lacking in hydration. These products have already made my skin feel moist and much softer than before and it's only been 24 hours!


If you have great skin or want to improve your skin, Christina is a wonderful guide for helping you create beautiful skin!” ‒Heather, San Diego, CA


“She has an extensive supply of products that she personally tests to make sure they are what they claim to be.”

“Christina is so knowledgeable about skin care, she is the only person I trust touching my face. She is very conscientious of a person's individual needs, and she will explain in detail why a product or a treatment is needed or should be avoided. You can bring in whatever products you're currently using and she'll let you know if you're on the right track or not. I hands down recommend this awesome esthetician!” ‒Ms. G., San Diego, CA


"I buy all of my skin care products from her now, because they are all natural."

“Christina will give you a relaxing facial and educate you on skin care. She really knows her stuff and wants you to know too! She'll talk to you about what you'd like to accomplish with skin care and about your daily regimen. During my facial, she even looked at my face under a sheet with an ultraviolet light to identify problem areas that cannot be seen by the naked eye. She explained to me about how chemicals in products like Oil of Olay and regular soap are bad for my skin.” ‒Audra, San Diego, CA


Skin Graft Support


The product support that she gave me was easy to do at home.

“I can tell you that my doctor said that my skin graft healed better then imaged. I know that the day of my treatments with Christina my grafts looked visually better and I felt more at ease in my body. Thanks so much!!!!!” –Christine, Long Beach, CA



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