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Services & Rates


Skin Consultation l $230


  • 60-minute assessment

  • Skin-specific product samples 

  • Customized facial

  • 30-minute follow-up evaluation

Learn more about the consultation.

Online Skin Coaching

Get coaching for your skincare routine via Skype or FaceTime. Book your session online.

Initial Intake | $150

30-minute sessions after that for support or questions | $75

Package of 3 Sessions $180, can be used for Phone chats, email questions, or refining or changing your home care

Package of 5 Sessions $250

Email Product Recommendations

Send me a photo via email for an evaluation and customized recommendations. 

Email costs $25

Samples can be purchased for $35 plus $4 shipping


I perform customized, skin-specific facial treatments based on your skin's needs the day of your visit.

  • Facial | $120

  • Facial Toning | $138

  • Facial and toning together | $150

TAMA Microcurrent Toning: A Non-Surgical Facelift

The face has 32 muscles. TAMA Microcurrent is a form of low-level electrical massage that simultaneous tones and re-educates facial muscles to achieve short- and long-term benefits without inflammation. Instead of injecting toxic chemicals and fillers, you can stimulate these muscles with microcurrent.


This completely natural, holistic, safe and non-invasive treatment tones, rejuvenates, heals and rebuilds facial muscles. Most clients see visible results after a single pain-free treatment. Subsequent treatments have a cumulative effect and provide remarkable results that challenge both dermal fillers and laser technology. No other aesthetic service rivals these proven results:


  • Improves circulation

  • Diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improves muscle tone in face and neck

  • Lifts jowls and eyebrows

  • Calms rosacea and acne

  • Drains lymphatic nodes

  • Treats sun damage 

  • Improves skin pigmentation 

  • Facilitates product penetration 

  • Tightens large pores 

  • Improves elasticity 


Recommended Treatment Schedule

30‒40 minute treatment session

Note: Maintenance treatments may be combined with your facial.


  • Ages 20‒35: once a month

  • Ages 35‒55: once a week for two months followed by maintenance toning every 21 days

  • Ages 55+: once a week for three months followed by maintenance toning every 10 days


  • Single treatment | $130

  • Three treatments | $350

  • Antiaging Level 1: 6 treatments | $700

  • Antiaging Level 2: 12 treatments | $1,400

  • Antiaging Level 3: 32 treatments | $2,800


  • Osmosis Peel | $175

  • Osmosis Peel – Series of 3 | $468

  • Chiral Peel | $160

  • Chiral Peel – Series of 3 | $429


  • Brow | $18

  • Chin | $12

  • Lip | $12

  • Face | $35

  • Full leg | $65

  • Upper leg | $45

  • Lower leg | $40

  • Bikini | $32

  • Underarm | $28

  • Back | $50


Scar Therapy

Ideal after a sever skin injury, plastic surgery, or other surgical procedure, this therapy helps heal and integrate the scar with surrounding tissue. If you have a scar that is still red or raised months or even years after the trauma, the injured tissue has not be integrated with the nervous system.


Most of the autonomic nervous system is located in the skin. When the skin is deeply injured or cut and sown together, it creates a “traffic jam” in the sense that too many cells are recruited to repair and knit the skin and communication with the nervous system is blocked. By combining a simple skin stretching technique with a cold laser that activates cellular regeneration and products that either stimulate blood flow or breakup skin adhesions, the scar can be integrated with the surrounding tissue.


  • 30-minute session | $60 - $150 (depends on the scar)

  • Self-administration (only available after one regular treatment)

  • 30 minutes | $20

  • 60 minutes | $40


Skin Graft Integration Support


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Scar Therapy
Skin Graft Integration
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