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Winter Remedies for Beautiful Skin

On January 15, 2019 I was a guest on Heather Dane's Hay House Radio show, 21st Century Medicine Woman. We spoke at length about skincare secrets for healthy, beautiful, youthful skin, and I revealed my Top 7 Skincare Mistakes and Fixes.

#1 – Not Fixing The Root Cause

#2 – Drying Out Acne

#3 – Using Oil To Moisturize Skin

#4 – Not Cleansing Properly

#5 – Buying Personal Care Products With Parabens And Chemicals

#6 – Ignoring What You Put Into Your Body

#7 – Following Trends Instead Of Tailoring To Your Unique Needs

If you want to find out more and read a full recap of all the tips and tricks Heather and I discussed, click on the link below to head to her website.

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