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Focus on Function

Your skin is the largest organ in the body and its primary function is elimination — releasing toxins from the tissue. At Awaken Your Skin, I focus on improving your skin’s function and health. The result is clear, younger looking, healthy skin.


One of the major issues associated with acne is that the pores don’t function properly and fail to eliminate bacteria without skin disruption. Another issue is that the skin's own immune function becomes compromised. By continually dehydrating the skin and killing the healthy bacteria, as well as the unhealthy ones, the skin can’t function properly. Initially, it appears like the acne improves, but eventually returns to its usual condition, or even becomes worse.


Most acne products applied to skin suppress normal skin

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function. Suppression is like sticking your finger in a damn to stop a leak. Even if you are successful, you are also blocking what should come out of the skin naturally.

After practicing for nearly 20 years, I have helped thousands of people overcome acne, rosacea and pigmentation problems in addition to improving age management protocols. I also have clients who don’t have major skin problems and simply want to use the best products possible to support their skin.


Most estheticians categorize their clients based on skin type—oily, dry or combination skin—without considering many other factors that affect skin function. I truly understand the value of conducting a full skin evaluation. Each person is different. Without an evaluation, I won’t know what’s involved with making your skin healthy.


I take time to evaluate your skin and educate you about your particular skincare needs. I consider:


  • How your skin will age (skin thickness and ethnicity affect how your skin ages)

  • Which components of your skin are your allies and which are your enemies

  • Weather products or behaviors may be causing or contributing to your current skin condition

  • How to create balance in your skin


Your first appointment with me will take two hours and will involve:


  • A thorough intake of information and history of your skin experiences, including skin conditions, treatments and products

  • Skin analysis and education about why and how your skin is behaving  

  • Facial, which includes deep cleansing and extraction, if needed

  • Product samples for a two-week trial and instructions for how to use them

  • Follow-up appointment for reevaluation after the two-week trial.

    • If the products worked, then you may purchase full-size items.

    • If the products didn’t work, then we repeat steps 4 and 5 until we find the products that work best for your particular skin.

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