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Enjoy a daily treatment of SkinFit with this advanced lightweight yet effective face nourishing lotion. Based on the Sensitive Skin Face Lotion formula modified for more mature skin types with improved hydration for drier climates. Additional added peptides target the elastin responsible for loose skin under the chin and neck area. Calcium α-hydroxymethionine & homotaurine enrichment restores main cell functions of protein and lipid synthesis. Therefore, your skin appears to regain its density, firmness, elasticity and smoothness at a faster rate. This is a perfect everyday face and neck lotion that will help keep skin soft, fit and toned. Fortified with reparative ingredients and balanced with antioxidants of fennel seed, vitamin C, milk peptides, South Pacific seaweeds and nutrient rich marine extracts will provide a radiant and healthy look. Years melt away while improving elasticity and cell density. The synergistic compilation of ingredients in this lotion will appear to reduce redness, inflammation and support skin lightening. Include this as your daily skin fitness routine for a beautiful transformation and to give your skin the lasting fit and feel it deserves.

Advance Face/Neck Serum

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