When I stared in this industry almost 20 years ago, I was like most estheticians, except I learned early that ingredients matter. I always tried to select products with as few preservatives and complicated words in the ingredient list as possible. Halfway through my career, I discovered a line formulated without petroleum products and preservatives. It radically improved how quickly I was able to make changes in the skin.


Unlike most salons or skincare professionals who follow information that their product lines provide, I carefully consider your skin’s specific needs when choosing products for your skincare routine. I learned early that one particular product rarely works the same way for everyone.


For example, an acne cleanser may work for 30-40% of my acne clients. I also found that product claims about what they can do for the skin may or may not be true. I‘m sure that many of you are also skin detectives, discovering that a lot of products that you buy don't live up to their claims.


Personally, I prefer “clean” products or the cleanest I can find—with a combination of organics, chemicals, vitamins and acids—that work to improve function and deliver results in a simple and direct manner. Most of my clients appreciate the time and energy I spend doing the detective work for them, identifying products that really work. I don't carry or recommend one particular product line. I may carry only one or two items from a line because I found that those products actually change the skin.


Cleansers: The Foundation to Product Effectiveness

The most important characteristic of a cleanser is that it leaves no residue on the skin’s surface. If it leaves residue, then it will effect the way your skin uses all the products that follow. Awaken Your Skin cleansers clean your skin without leaving any pesky residue barrier.


Moisturizers: The Second Step to the Skin’s Functioning Baseline

Moisturizers provide lubrication, or movement to the skin. They allow the skin to “flow” or eliminate dirt, oil and toxins to prevent congestion and breakouts. A good moisturizer contains the perfect combination of water and oil to deliver balanced hydration and support skin function.  


Serums: Direct Communication to Change

Getting the right cleanser and moisturizer matched to your skin type can create a huge amount of skin correction. I use serums to give skin the active ingredients to facilitate a desired change. Serums re-educate the skin, working to balance oil secretion, calm irritation, repair broken capillaries, even pigmentation, redistribute cloisters of over-producing keratin and build tissue.


Sunscreen: Protection from Photo-Aging

The most common complaint I hear from clients about wearing sunscreen is "I don’t want to breakout!" S Kimberly Sayer brilliantly formulated two sunscreens: one for oily, acne-prone skin that is truly lightweight and won’t clog pores, and one with more moisture for mature skin. Her products are organic!


Tip: Apply Jane Iredale's Powder-Me-SPF to deliver reflective sun protection from the ocean, water, sand or asphalt.


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