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1 Session - a Sample | $75

3 Sessions - a True Taste | $195

8 Sessions - an Experience | $480


About Clearing

Clearing is a safe experience that gives you a taste of what you feel like without the overlays of reoccurring thoughts, feelings and experiences that comprise us. Over sessions, you might realize that things aren't affecting you the same way. Your usual patterns might play out less. You may begin to put yourself first and feel more comfortable in your own skin.


This process is an opportunity to begin to change the resonant frequency of built up patterns of one's experience. Change is only real when we experience it. Clearing holds space to give your system a different energetic experience that might shift your feelings about deeply held patterns.


How I Came to Clearing

At a certain point in my work, I realized that I give my clients the space to just "be" and relax for a moment. Along the way, I began to discern that some of the things I was feeling was the energy from others; however, it took time for me to realize that I didn't need to internalize it. So, I have always held in my mind that I am like a river or a reed, just something for energy to pass through. By working on myself, I eventually found something that was so simple and powerful that it became clear that I had to learn more about it.


I am currently on my way to being certified to do clearings. I hope that if this speaks to you, you might choose to have an experience with me. Please note that the session prices are deeply discounted since I am learning the process.


My experience so far...

Since I started this training, I have more space for myself. I find that I am able to see my stuff a bit more clearly and be a little less emotionally reactive and affected. This through a loving space of all the bits.


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